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Scotland Update


I arrived in Glasgow on August 22, 2012. My first challenge was finding the equivalent grocery products to use in the recipes for the menus I had planned. Thank the Lord for Costco. I felt at home walking in that place. I also took on the challenge of learning to drive on the "opposite" side of the car and on the "opposite" side of the street. It was quite a brain twister but I can report their have been NO deaths!

I have thoroughly enjoyed cooking for and working with the staff and students. This is such an awesome experience. The last day of term 1 before the Christmas holiday, I hostessed a Christmas breakfast and crocheted beards for each one. It was hilarious watching them open the gifts and putting them on!!! Can you find Bro and Sis. Shirley? Bro and Sis Kelley?


The places I have seen

I have had the pleasure of visiting several places. Stirling, St. Andrews, Sunderland, Edinburgh, Kemnay, Elgin, Liverpool, London and France! The cannon is a pic I took at Stirling Castle!

The Spiritual experience!

I have been changed. I can't put my finger on how exactly but I know that I am different than I was 9 months ago. Being around the students and hearing the Word of God going forth in their classes (from the kitchen, mind you), hearing them pray, seeing their desire to do more for God, seeing their involvement and growth....... such a blessing, such an encouragement.

Working with the staff......

And then there's New Life Church. I have quickly come to LOVE them. The church is amazing in the way they open their arms and welcome the students, the AIMERS, and guest teachers. They do this knowing that a new "bunch" will be coming in September and that they will say "Good Bye" to the current bunch.

Ahhh, and there's too much to be said about the Kelleys! The passion, burden and energy they possess to not only make Harvest Bible College a great HANDS ON experience and a great place of learning but then their love for New Life Church.

I will always remember the thoughtfulness of Sis Kelley ..... the box of QTips left in my room because I had shared with her my frustration of not being able to fit all I needed in my suitcases, having a beautiful Thanksgiving spread & awesome fellowship at their home, the call on Christmas morning to wish me a "Merry Christmas" and understanding what it feels like to be so far away from home at such a time, Christmas Dinner, the Valentines Day card and gift..... not to mention the many times she has spoken words of endearment and appreciation.

They are special people, the Kelleys.

Then there are the Students, Staff and Saints!

We are down to just about 2 weeks of school left. I have become attached to these wonderful people. Each of them striving to make a difference in God's kingdom! I count it a pleasure to have served them this school year! I will miss all of them. Here are a few pics of some of the students, staff and church folk. Love em!


As I come to the end of this journey, I have mixed emotions! But above all I am thankful that the Lord opened up this door for me. I can hardly wait to see what's next.......... I am flying to the USA, HOME SWEET HOME, on August 8th and returning to Scotland in September. So until then, Cheerio!