Woodrow Wilson

by: Kayley

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28,1856 and died February 3, 1924 from a stroke. He was born in Staunton, Virginia, and in his early years he lived in Augusta, Georgia and Columbia, South Carolina. Woodrow Wilson earned his PhD in political science at Johns Hopkins University before he became the Governor of New Jersey in 1910 and the 28th President of the United States from 1913-1921.
During his presidency, the people were demanding more rights for women, and he had to make a really hard decision: whether or not America would join WWI. Woodrow Wilson did not like fighting, he liked peace, but finally declared war when Germany sunk U.S ships. On January 8, 1918, he made his famous fourteen point address because he wanted to preserve peace. Then in 1919, he received a Nobel peace prize. One of his sentences in the fourteen point address was '' It is that the world be made fit and safe to live in.''