Manifest a place for opportunities

By: Dakota Prince

Tired of not having your own land? Do you want 160 acres for a low price? Well join us in America for 160 acres of land!

Even you can have 160 acres of land for only $1.25 an acre. By buying this land you can increase agriculture such as cattle. You could also increase transportation, which increase railroads for trading. Think of the endless possibilities you will have on 160 acres of land!

Do you want to find raw materials for money? Do you want a paying job that will pay for your family? Well mining the plains in America will be the best for you!

Well-structured mining engages will provide the locals and provides you with jobs, raising the living standards of the community. Not only do you get a paying job but you can provide for your family. Mining is so important please help America today.

Gold was discovered! Do you want to make money and discover gold? Do you want money to provide for your family

It is estimated that over one billion dollars worth of gold was found, adjusted to late 20th century standards. Not only do you find a job, but money to provide for your family.

Here you can believe what you want!

In America we have free religion and freedom of speech! You can believe anything you want! You can finally have your own idea about politics.

We have awesome inventions waiting for you in America! Steel plow making it way easier for you farmers!

Try our new steel pow makes life so much easier. No more using a heavy plow. Have your crops done in one simple step.