Raymond EOY Technology Procedures

Steps to securely Storing all of your Technology Tools

It's getting close to that time of the YEAR!

This is a digital guide for all things tech here at Raymond Academy. This will be your GO-To guide for what is REQUIRED and how to store your technological devices, tools, files and more!

All Technology tools for every classroom MUST be accounted for and properly stored for the summer.

This school year, every physical classroom will properly store all technology tools as if you are prepping the room for a new teacher.

NOTE: Your instructional technology specialist does not know nor can guarantee that you will be assigned the same classroom next school year, so these steps are MANDATORY.

Also, please DO NOT swap, move, or exchange technology without consent of the instructional technology specialist.

Technology Checkout for Raymond

1. Remove ALL files on your Teacher and/or Student PCs

It will be the responsibility of the teacher to remove all files from the district issued PCs. Please complete the following steps by Tuesday, May 31st.

  1. Remove all files from the Desktop, My documents folder and any created folders on the actual PC.
  2. These are your options for saving and storing files:

  • Store the files to the U drive (this is your virtual drive provided by the district) NOTE: space is limited in this folder.
  • Upload all files to your Google Drive Account. (you have unlimited space in your Aldine ISD Google Accounts) NOTE: You can save any type of file to Google Drive but they may not open. You can download them to any device to use them as Office Files.
  • Upload all files to a DropBOX account. Create one here. This online cloud will store any type of files (photos and music) for you. Amount of space varies.
  • Upload all files to your personal flash drive or external hard drive. (these are not supplied by the district.)

2. Returning all Mobile Devices

There will be a new procedure in place for checking out ALL District-issued devices next school year. Due to these new procedures, you are required to turn in all district issued devices. The following are included in this list:

  • Chromebooks
  • iPads/ Android Tablets
  • Web Cameras
  • Laptops
  • Mimios

Please see Mrs. Glass if you have any questions or concerns about this policy. All devices MUST be returned and checked into Mrs. Glass no later than Thursday, May 26th. A schedule will be emailed to you about a drop off time or you can contact me if you would like to drop off the device(s) earlier.

3. Storing all Technology Tools.

***Remember: You are prepping your room as if a new teacher is entering. Below are the procedures to store all technology tools. (varies depending on the location of your room.)

4. Prep all Technology Tools!

Make sure you unplug, wipe down, and clean the exterior of your computers, CPUs (hard drives), monitors, projectors and document cameras.

Wrap and/or coil up your cords neatly

  • Please disconnect and coil all cords.

  • I will be providing every teacher with ziploc bags and rubber bands for cords, headphones and any other digital accessories.

If you have Elmos/Lumens that are connected to your computers or even just projectors connected to your computer.

  • Please take a picture of how it is all connected for your reference when you get back from the summer. We tend to forget if we do not use it frequently!
  • Store your projector, Elmo/Lumens in your closet. Make sure all devices are labeled with the Room #.

PLEASE make sure to wipe down ALL Devices before storing them for the summer.

Make sure you remove and clean the air filters on the projectors before storing.

Cleaning the Projector Filter

How can I get checked out?

After you have completed the following:

Here is your checklist in order for me to sign you off:

  • Run the digital inventory check listed above. Email Mrs. Glass the file that shows up on your desktop.
  • Clean your computers

  • Clean your projector/filters

  • Clean and Store your projector and Elmo/Lumens

    • Take a picture of your connections so you can remember how your computer was plugged in

  • Place All computers in the cabinets in your room with the plugs disconnected

  • labeled all devices and cords/cables with your current classroom and place them inside of the cabinets
  • turned in any district issued mobile devices
  • Completed the brief summer information survey (please)
  • filled out the password information sheet, sealed it inside of an envelope

Email Mrs. Glass at snglass@aldineisd.org or text me at (832) 534-0545. Title the email/text message: Your last name and Room # (example: Glass16)

I will come to you in the order in which I receive your email. If I don't receive an email, I cannot come and check you out.

Ummm. What about the old/broken equipment?

If you have any old equipment, I will send each of you an email to schedule time to pick up your old technology for property transfer. Please DO NOT store in closets/cabinets. Storage is an issue and we would like to remove these things instead and store them for another year. I will provide the carts if you don't have them to bring me your old stuff to room 50. More information regarding this will be delivered via email.

CHECK out will not Begin until Thursday afternoon AFTER school is out!