Individual Learning Plan:

Stevie Whitewitch, age 8


  • Female, second grade
  • Performs at grade level
  • Confined to wheelchair
  • Limited use of hands
  • Requires a para
  • Requires assistive technology
  • Visual/auditory learner
  • Youngest of ten
  • Adopted
  • Interests include music, technology, science
  • Outgoing
  • Loves to sing

Student-teacher connections:

  • Discuss favorite music
  • Have her teach me something about computers
  • Assign her the task of DJ when playing music in the classroom

Student-student connections:

  • Arrange desks into groups of four
  • Have all students submit song requests to Stevie
  • Assign other students jobs that would help Stevie (direclty and indirectly) : note taker, door opener/holder, "path patrol" to ensure the floor is always clear
  • Have students show and tell about favorite tech tools

Teaching Methods:

  • Use song and rhyme to reinforce subject matter
  • Become familiar with her assistive technologies
  • Allow more time to complete tasks when necessary
  • Meet one on one during recess to make up work
  • Make all materials accessible and within reach
  • Suggest online resources to further understanding
  • Establish signals for when help is needed


  • Have her type out summaries of the books she reads
  • Oral discussion in place of written or typed answers when time is short
  • Multiple choice math tests with problems worked out in three possible ways
  • Practice handwriting with ring pen or other ergonomic writing tool


  • All activities should include all students
  • Have classroom discussions
  • Have them answer as a group
  • Alternate classroom roles so everyone gets a turn at different jobs
  • Allow them to choose their own group of Fridays as a reward
  • Do fun science experiments
  • Have them invent tools that can help with classroom activities
  • Allow them all to choose between written and oral exams
  • Encourage independence, don't constantly offer help