Samuel Adams Facts

How did Samuel Adams contribute to the Son's of Liberty

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  • His parents names were Samuel Adams Sr., an Mary Adams
  • He had 2 siblings named Mary Adams, and Joseph Adams
  • He had been married twice, his 1st wife was Elizabeth Checkley (1749-1757), and his 2nd wife's name was Elizabeth Wells (1764-1803)
  • He had 2 children: Hannah Adams, Samuel Adams III


  • He went to the Boston Latin School and learned Latin and Greek
  • At the age 14 he graduated and went to Harvard College where his parents wanted him to become a minister, but he realized that he wanted to be a politic like his father

Important Life Events

  • In 1746, 24-year-old Samuel Adams Jr. was elected to his first public office, as a clerk of the Boston Market
  • 1749- Married Elizabeth Checkley
  • 1750- 1st son dies 3 weeks after birth
  • 1757- Elizabeth Checkley dies
  • 1764- Married Elizabeth Wells


  • Samuel Adams became a politician
  • He became an important public figure in Boston after the British Empire's Victory in the Seven Year's War (1756-1763)
  • Organizing the Boston Tea Party
  • 1 of 56 people to sign the Declaration of Independence
  • Became a member of the founding fathers

Contributions to change

  • Samuel Adams forms the Son's of Liberty to fight against the British for their freedom
  • Gave America is freedom and independence
  • Ended taxes

Interesting Facts

  • Samuel Adams became governor after John Hancock dies
  • Samuel Adams had 6 children, but 2 had survived birth while the other 4 died stillborn
  • 3rd Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts