Virginia Woolf

Elizabeth, Alicia, Sydney, Lauren

Virginia Woolf

1. She put stones in her pocket to commit suicide by drowning.

2. Her brother Thoby went to Greece and died when he came home, causing her to get depression.

3. When her mom died, her dad went insane, causing Virginia mental breakdowns.

4. She married Leonard Woolf, who helped her through her depression.

5. She also married Clive, because she felt pressured to get married by her sister.

6. Her and her half brother had a sexual relationship.

7. She has a brief lesbian relationship with a woman named Lavita.

8. Leonard and Virginia bought a printing press called Hogarth.

9. Whenever she published a book, she became so excited that she got nervous breakdowns.

10. Her and her husband signed a suicide pact so they would not be taken by the Nazi party.

How have gender stereotypes affected women's roles in society?

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