Boating Safety

By:Jaclyn and Libby


To be a good boater you need to know what you are doing. Boating can be dangerous, and these rules can help you be safe. Boating is a very serious matter. It can also be fun!

Statistics and facts

-About 58% of fatal boating accidents happened in a motorboat.

- Jet skis were causes of 7% of fatal accidents and 30% of all the accidents that cause injuries.

-According to boating accidents statistics, a boat operator who has been drinking is the number one contributing factor to fatal boating accidents.

-In addition, boating accident statistics indicate that 75% of all boating fatalities are due to drowning and in 84% of those cases, the victims were not wearing life jackets.

-Boating accidents cause about 750 deaths, 3,500 injuries, and around $36 million in damage.

Be Safe while Boating


The number one cause of boating deaths is drowning, you can prevent this death by wearing a life jacket. Just like in a car you should also follow all the boating speed limits. Watch out for people in the water that may be swimming. Don't be boating when you have alcohol in your system or have drugs. Having them may effect your brain power. Before hitting the water, make sure that your motor and other equipment is working well.