Samurai - Bushido Assignment



Samurai in Japan began after the government was weakened and local aristocrats took justice into their own hands. The aristocrats employed the Samurais to protect themselves and do whatever they say. Some wealthy people had armies of Samurai that took on the central government. Samurai's believes were strongly tied to Confusions and Buddhist ideals. They were very loyal to their masters and tried to be one with nature. They fought with many weapons such as; bow and arrow, spear, and later guns. Their main weapon of use was the sword. this does not relate but star wars was inspired by this.


Bushido is the Samurai cod of conduct. Bushido Turned the Samurai into loyal and respectful warriors. Bushido ideals included, never giving up, Bushido started in 1,333 and lasted till 1945 after the defeat of world war 2.


Samurai came around in a period of instability in Japan. The government was weak and did not really have a military or police force. Rich aristocrats started hiring Samurai to protect them. Samurai decreased crime rates and brought a more stable Japan. Japan as a whole became more organized and peaceful. With the Samurai using the Bushido code, nationalism began in Japan.


When i was young, my father was robbed by a low life criminal. Every since then I've wanted to rid the world of crime. The first job that came to mind was the great and powerful Samurai. People always respect and look up to Samurai because they protect the people.