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My family is a product of this school system. My grandmother is a graduate from Fairfield Industrial High School, while my father was one of the students that first integrated the Fairfield City School System. Since then, my sister, brother and I have all matriculated through this school system. Fairfield is very dear to me. I hold a very special place in my heart for the city and its occupants.

Upon graduation I attended the University of Montevallo. It was there that I declared my major in Elementary / Early Childhood Education. There has never been a “Plan B” for me. I have wanted to become a teacher since I was in the first grade. My choice particularly stood out because of my love and concern for children. I wanted to be in this profession to help children while leaving an impression on their lives. I completed my studies at Miles College where I graduated with honors. GO BEARS!! I began teaching immediately. I began my teaching career in the Bessemer City School System. I taught 6th and 4th grades. When I had the opportunity to come “home” I jumped at the chance. I entered the Fairfield City School System at CJ Donald Elementary where I taught 4th and 3rd grades. I left CJ Donald to come to Robinson elementary where I have served as a Reading Interventionist and currently a 3rd grade teacher. I am thankful to be blessed with the opportunity to mold the lives of our future. This is a blessing I DO NOT take lightly.

I currently reside in my favorite city, Fairfield with my daughter who also attends the Fairfield City School System. In my free time I enjoy being a mommy, outdoor activities, exploring my artistic side and spending time with my loved ones.

3rd Grade Academics: What To Expect Students in 3rd grade are meeting higher academic expectations and learning more complex concepts in school. by Patti Ghezzi

Grade 3 is a transition year. Reading passages get more challenging. Sentences are longer. Vocabulary words are tougher. Math concepts—such as those ubiquitous multiplication tables—require memorization as well as complex thought.

Teachers expect 3rd grade students to take more responsibility for their education, speaking out when they don’t understand something and devising strategies for learning that work best for them. And in some states, promotion from 3rd grade to 4th grade depends on students passing a standardized test.

It’s enough to make some parents sweat a little. But kids who have a solid foundation from the earlier grades will do well with support, encouragement, and clearly stated high expectations.

“Academically, it has always been a rigorous year,” says Nancy Davenport, president of the National Association of Elementary School Principals and a former 3rd grade teacher. “There is a lot more going on in 3rd grade now than when I was in 3rd grade.”

Educators have learned over the years that children at this age can handle higher academic expectations. “We do so much more with computers in schools today,” she says. “We use them as part of the instructional program.”