LA7 RC Updates

Upcoming assignments and projects in LA7 RC.

12 Week Project: 20 Time

Over the next 12 weeks students will be participating in a long-term project. This project, called 20 Time, was initiated by Google. Employees receive 20% of their time to work on a project of their choosing (which is how we got Google News, Gmail, etc.) In our class, students will be given the same opportunity. Students will propose a project that interests them and will spend 20% of their time until the end of the year working on it. Some examples of past projects include writing a graphic novel, creating a campaign for a charity, making a documentary, writing an album, and writing a series of children's books to read to a younger class.

This is an in-class assignment. Grades will be based on performance, one-on-one conferences, and a final 2-3 minute presentation for the class.

The goal of the project is to increase student passion about a particular topic or activity that interests them. Additional information can be found in the slide presentation on Google Classroom.

Upcoming Assessments

Our Next Class Novel

Next Class Novel to be Read at Home

For our next class novel, students will be reading the book by themselves instead of as a class. It is an age-appropriate realistic fiction story that focuses on point-of-view and characterization. Students will be given the choice of reading the book by themselves or using an online program with annotations to assist in their understanding as they read. Students will then have the option to take the summative on their own at home using their notes and their book. However, if the summative is not done at home, it will have to be completed in one class period. Students will be given a reading schedule to help them stay on track when the book is assigned.

The book will be assigned on April 15. The summative must be taken by May 4.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me