Benvolio Wanted

Cash reward!!!!

Help Find Bonvolio, Romeo needs him to come back and help!!

He has run away, and is wanted for being to nice to his cousin Romeo and having a restriction amongst public violence. He may have a nasty attitude in private so strictly stay public or with a group. HIS REWARD IS ONLY CLAIMABLE IF HE IS ALIVE; $10,000

How to find him

He belongs to the house of the Montague's, he has mild to slim-strong face, long curly hair right above the brow, clean shave, he likes to walk and see sights, he is quite charming towards women, he is nasty with his attitude in private according to____, he doesn't like to see or have public conflicts, he will try to be helpful as a "friend", he likes to read so please view pictures above to help.


-He may be armed
-He will run
-He will sidetrack you

-be discreet

-He will not comply