Magnets Info

Magnetism is the motion of electric charges

Magnets are pieces of iron or other materials that has properties of magnetism

Temporary magnets are magnets that act like permanent magnets when within a strong magnetic field but lose magnetism when removed from the magnetic field

Permanent magnets are magnets that show signs of magnetism whether they are inside of a magnetic field or out of one

Magnets Info cont.

Electromagnets are soft medal core that were made into magnets by electric charges through a coil pf wire surrounding it

Superconductors are substances capable of superconducting at sufficiently low temperatures

Who discovered magnets?

No one knows for sure. There are several Greek myths about who discovered magnets but no one know for sure

Facts about magnets

The north pole on magnets always points north, south always points south.

Magnetic forces act at distances. Like poles repel and unlike poles attract.

Magnetic forces attract only magnetic materials.

Five other planets with magnetic fields

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury

Ten uses of magnets

1.Magnets can be used in a medical treatment

2.Magnets can be used to find nuts and bolts that are lost

3.To keep drawers closed

4.Help organize your desk

5.To remove batteries from the case

6.To Create extra storage space in cupboards

7.Organize cords

8.Keep track of screws

9.Magnets are used to create electrical motors

10.Magnets are used in speakers