By: Daniel Skrzypczak

His Purpose (what he is the god of)

Hephaestus is the god of metalworkers, fire, and somewhere along the line he becomes the god of volcanoes.


Hephaestus is resistant to fire, his hammer can create anything given the materials, and he is immortal like all the other gods.

Family Tree

Mother: Hera, Father: Zeus, Siblings: Eileithyia, Hebe, and Ares, Wife: Aphrodite, Children: none because Aphrodite didn't love him and he spent most of his time in his workshop.


Hephaestus was mad that Hera ,his not so loving mother, threw him off mount Olympus so he built her a chair made of gold as a 'gift'. Hera sat in it but the chair was cursed so that anyone who sat in it can't get out of it and the only person that can lift it was Hephaestus. The gods tried to convince him to let her go. Finally they struck a deal, if Hephaestus let Hera go he will get Aphrodite as his wife. He let Hera go and he got Aphrodite as a wife although Aphrodite was furious that the gods used her as a bargain chip.

His Life

When Hephaestus was young his mother Hera threw him off mount Olympus because he was ugly. He landed on an island and when he landed his leg became twisted forever. There on that island he became a master craftsman and was accepted back to mount Olympus. There he got a workshop and made Zeus' thunderbolt.

Other Facts

  • Roman name is Vulcan
  • Spent most of his time in his workshop
  • His weapon is a Hammer
  • His symbol is an anvil
  • Only 'ugly' god
  • Has a crooked foot