The life of Anne Frank

By; Julia Scharinger

What is Anne Frank known for?

Anne Frank is known for writing a dairy when she went into hiding during World War Two. In her dairy she wrote about what it was like to be Jewish during World War Two. Her dairy was published after the war and touched the hearts of many people all over the world.
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Anne had to do through a lot before she got her success. On July 6, 1942, Anne and her family moved into the attic in her dad's work. They called this attic the secret annex. When she was hiding in the annex she missed being able to go to school so she kept studying and working hard so she would still be educated. She was also a good writer and she wrote about her hard life in the diary she had which was published on June 16, 1952.

Things That Were Important to Anne

Five Interesting Facts About Anne

Life Lesson

Respect people for there beliefs and differences.
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Title: Anne Frank

Author: Kem Knapp Sawyer

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