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My favorite app is is just what is says in the name music. You can pick any song to do. You can also do a duet with someone. They have a variety of music types like dance, hip hop, lip sync, comedy, rap, etc. is a little bit like Dubsmash, but way cooler. You have to pick a song, record you dancing or lip syncing to it, then if you like it, you can post it. Once you are done, you can also share your video on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or even Messages. Another thing you can do is make an original sound, which means you can choose to not have a song and just record you talking or singing. If you are the person watching a, you can like it and leave a comment if you want to. You can also follow people, and people can follow you. If you are really lucky, you can get a feature (crown) which means you have over 500 k likes on your video. You can also put your Instagram account name on If you are really good, you can be put on the most popular list.

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My favorite Movie

Movie Title: The Maze Runner

Main Actors/Actresses: List their real name & character in the movie. (List at least 3-5)

Dylan O’Brien as Thomas

Malay Scodelario as Teresa

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt

Hi Hong Lee as Minho

Aml Ameen as Alby

When did the movie take place? (What year did the movie come out in theaters?) September 19th

Theme/Moral/Message of the movie: Be kind to people.

Intended Audience (Bold or Highlight): G PG PG-13

Your opinion of the movie (why did you like it?): I liked it because it had lots of mystery.It also was very exiting to watch.

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One September 2, 2020, Humpty Dumpty was skyping his girlfriend McGriddle. Then his phone stopped working, so he dropped it crying. He finally stopped crying after he heard the sound of her skiping again.He reached down to grab it and he fell forward yelling “HELP I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP.”The other people saw him laying there so the called the police and ambulance.They rushed to the scene of the scramble.They finally got there and put him on the stretcher and carried him to ambulance and left to the hospital.By the time they got there and put his shell together again it was too late, he lost to much yoke.

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