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Nadia Diamonstein's interview

We have been getting many requests to interview Nadia Diamondstein, and we have decided to accept your request! Here's a brief summary of our interview with her.

A very common question that has been asked is: How would you classify your friends into different characteristics? Her response was different for each person. She told us that Ethan is thoughtful and caring. Noah is stubborn but responsible. Lastly, Julian is Unique, kind, and shy.

Some of her fans were confused how she was related to Ethan. Nadia clarified that by saying,” Ethan’s Grandma(Margaret Draper) has married my grandpa (Izzy Diamondstein).”

We also asked why is “The Souls” a better name rather than “The Gang of IV”? Nadia said,

“less is more”. Since she made the name it, means a lot to her.

Nadia spends a lot of time with turtles, so we asked her, how do you prioritize your time with the turtles and your time in school? She replied by saying, “I don't spend time with the turtles during the school year. I take care of them during the summer.”

Lastly, what would you predict if Julian had not brought your group together? Nadia felt like Julian is the glue for the team and said that if he didn't bring them together they wouldn't have been chosen for the academic bowl.

Those were some of the more important questions we talked about during the interview! We learned a lot about the kind of person Nadia. Nadia is an interesting being with a bright future!

Fire in House Shocks Kids

on June 11th a house on River Valley Dr. had a fire. The fire killed both Timothy and Tanisha Motion. The fire obviously affected the people of River Valley Dr. and the kids of Timothy and Tanisha, Lonnie (often referred to as locomotion) and Lily. These kids don't have relatives that can take care of them and sadly have to be orphaned.

"I hope I won't have to be separated from you, Lonnie" we overheard Lily say to her brother. in much sorrow we have to say that the young girls wish couldn't be fulfilled. When both kids were at the adoption center diffrent adults wanted them. The children were taken home by two amazing people, but the only bad thing is they are not together.

Both kids lives have changed dramatically and according to Lily, nothing will ever be the same.Here at New York Times we hope for the best for Lonnie and Lily.

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The Motion house on fire

How did we like Seedfolks?

In Seedfolks by Paul Feischman,an apartment complex turns into a community of people who learn to care about eachother. A girl decides to plant beans and others see her caring for them. When the people of the complex see this a garden starts to form. This fictional novel has a great message of sharing and coming together.

Seedfolks has won the Jane Addams Children's book award. Mr. Feischman has written many more popular novels such as: Whirlgig, Weslandia, Joyful Noise, and many more. This book was definitely not my favorite but some people might enjoy the short novel while others might not. Some parts were mysterious and want to know the answer to the question. But other parts were a drag. I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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Book Cover of Seedfolks