Resources for Chemistry Teachers!

Ten Resources that Teachers can use in the Classroom!

Chemistry in Comics!

Relating abstract concepts, such as elements that are at the atomic level, can be difficult for students to understand. This website, the link is below, gives students the opportunity to see a particular element used in a comic book! Everyone knows that Kryptonite is used in Superman, but are there any other elements used? This website shows what comics they are used with the goal of engaging your students. Pretty neat!

The "Atoms" Family

Need an interactive site for your chemistry students to explore a variety of concepts? The Atoms Family has plenty of resources for your students! Below is the link:

Curious about Mars?

Do your students ever get curious about what else is there outside of this world? Let them explore another world in Mars using the "Mars Science Laboratory". Below is a link and a sample video.

Science Experiments from Youtube!

Dry Ice ERUPTIONS! How to Create Experimental Explosions! - Joe Genius
Fire Water Balloon - Cool Science Experiment
Physics Experiments That You Can Do at Home : Physics, Chemistry & More Sciences
Chemistry Experiment: Lava lamp
7 Simple Science Tricks With Household Items