Breaking The Sound Barrier

Smore, By: Dylan Vasta

Subtopic #1

“A booming thunder roared across the clear skies of the Mojave Desert on Oct. 14, 1947, as U.S. Air Force Capt. Chuck Yeager nudged an experimental rocket-powered plane faster than the speed of sound. Though only a handful of people realized it at the time, an aviation record had been set.

In 1935, a simplified explanation of the challenges of supersonic flight led to the creation of the term "sound barrier," which seemed to imply a physical wall that could not be overcome. Bullets and cannon balls had exceeded the speed of sound for hundreds of years, but the question loomed as to whether or not a plane—or a man—could withstand the pressures that accompanied it. The U.S. Air Force set out to answer this looming question.”

what I said:

On Oct.14th 1947 chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in the Mojave Desert in the bell X-1. This was the first time any human has ever broken the sound barrier.

Commentary #1

This website helped a lot with me finding out who was the first person to break the sound barrier and to find out where, when, how fast he went, and how long it took him to break the sound barrier.

subtopic #2

“For decades, the sound barrier had been a problem for pilots and aeronautical engineers. Air builds up in front of and around an aircraft as it approaches the speed of sound; it can’t move out of the way fast enough. The air in front of the aircraft increases drag and reducing lift.”

what I said:

For years the sound barrier has been a problem for pilots knowing how complicated it was for the planes to get through it. Problems with the lift the drag and the force. to get through the barrier.

Commentary #2

this website helped me understand why breaking the sound barrier was and still is a big accomplishment now knowing how difficult it really was.

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