Feed Pages 203-224

Nick Upper, 4/22/14


Titus starts the chapter in the hospital, trying to figure out exactly what happened to Violet while pacing back and forth. Eventually, Violet's father comes to the hospital and together they learn that Violet would be fine.

Later, Titus went over to Violet's house and they were chatting on the bed. Violet describes her desire for a normal life, noticing how it is like a sitcom. She also points out all of her memories from the year directly before she got the feed are gone. Titus's time at Violet's ends when Violet and her dad are attempting to negotiate price for the feed repair.

The section ends at Quendy's house. Quendy and Titus are discussing Violet, and we finally learn that the feed is directly attached to the brain.

Cultural Studies

"The whole brain is tied in to the feed. The whole brain, like the memory and the part that makes you move and the part for your emotions" (Anderson 222).

The feed is attached to every part of their brain. The feed can control memories and emotions. The feed may control the characters rather than the characters controlling the feed.

"The next day, I was at her house. It was all weird. We didn't talk. I don't know why. We didn't open our mouths. We just sat there, silent, chatting" (Anderson 215).

The feed has become so common place, people don't even talk when sitting face to face.


Reread page 219: Is FeedTech responsible for paying for Violet’s medical bills? Keep in mind that Violet’s family was aware of the potential risks involved with implanting her feed so late. Explain who is responsible.


"Violet's dad couldn't pay for all the tests and shit himself. None of it was covered by medical, because the feed wasn't medical" (Anderson 219).

Another quote/example demonstrating that Violet is part of the lower class. Interestingly, the feed is not considered medical despite being attached to every part of the brain.


How has technology changed our communication?

Technology has greatly changed our communication. It has not only degraded our language to make the keyboard a convenience and slowly strangle the art of speech, but also changed the means of communications. This chapter has Titus and Violet sit face to face, but choose to communicate by the feed rather than talking with their mouths.