Flat Stanley's Big Iowa Adventure

Des Moines Iowa 2016


I was very excited to arrive at Hanawalt Elementary. I was getting cramped and tired of being in the envelope. The first thing I did was take a break and stretch outside by the sign. The weather was beautiful the day I arrived. I also enjoyed hanging out with the Hanawalt Hawk. You can see the pictures below. You can check out the Hanawalt Website to learn more about it.

Art at Hanawalt

Hanawalt School is known for its student art work. Each year the 5th grade make a piece of art that is permanently displayed at the school. I enjoyed seeing all the art.

Classroom visits.

I went on several classroom visits. I especially liked Ms. Nordmeyer!s 2nd grade. they were learning about lots of things and they wrote it all down so I could remember it. I also spent time in Ms. Beeman's room because they just hatched out chicks. I did walkthroughs with Mrs Schofield so I got to see all the classrooms. The children and the teachers are very nice. I loved going to lunch with the students. My favorite lunch is Little Smokies and mashed potatoes. That is everyone's favorite. I told them about chicken ring things because they don't have them. I kept the lunch menu so you could compare it to Dana's lunch menu.
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Mrs. Schofield's House

I got to stay with Mrs. Schofield's house in Beaverdale. Beaverdale is a neighborhood in the Des Moines Metro area. We had a great time.

The Drake Relays

I went to the Drake Relays with the Hanawalt Team. Drake is one of the colleges in Des Moines. It is also just a few blocks from Mrs. Schofield's house. The Drake Relays are very famous. College students from all over the county come and compete in track and field events. They also have some events for elementary, middle and high school students. Their mascot is a Bulldog.

The elementary students run a shuttle relay race. Ms. Schofield and I got to help Mr. Baker coach the team.

Super Hero Day

I enjoyed Hanawalts Positive Behavior Day. Mrs Schofield made a Sway about it. check it out!

Downtown DesMoines

Des Moines River Walk

We went on the River Walk. The walk goes from Principal Park where the Iowa Cubs play to the Capital Building. It was a little windy but the sun was shining and it was a great day out.

Downtown Farmers Market

I visited the Farmers Market on Saturday. We got there at 7:15 and it was already crowded. It is very popular. We got fresh bread, , eggplant, bratwurst , arugula, spinach, avacados that came from Mexico, honey and tomatoes.

Visit to the Sculpture Park

I visited the Sculpture Park but we had to leave quickly because it started raining.

Hanawalt Night at the Iowa Barnstormers

I went to my first arena football game at Wells Fargo Arena. It was Hanawalt night so there were lots of Hanawalt families there. I sang with the National Anthem with the choir. It was a little scared at first being out on the big field. Arena football is different that regular football but it was still fun.
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Hanawalt School on Google Maps