canada in 2060

how will our population look like in 2060

Canada in 2060

this picture in 2060 in Canad \ and we will speak here how many years the country is developing something new and beautiful image here in Canada in 2060.

where do people come from to Canada?

Rank Country Number Percentage

1 China 33,908 13.1

2 India 30,576 11.8

3 Philippines 27,292 10.5

4 Pakistan 11,354 4.4

5 United States 10,624 4.1

6 Iran 10,038 3.9

7 France 7,148 2.8

8 Kingdom 5,935 2.3

9 South Korea 4,450 1.7

10 Arab Emirates 4,093 1.6

Top 10 Total 145,418 56.2

why the country pushing the people to get out

because they do not give people security and defend their rights when the state does not give safety to humans and the human wants safety and wants the state of the freedom and in Canada give the state security and stability in the country and defended the right and the disruption of security and stability and comfort this is why are paying out of our country

push/pull factors to canada

education health and safety and it not a dangerous country and the security of Canada and Canada enjoy freedom of human and Canada can be very beautiful hiking in and spend some time in advance and can enjoy some rest and spend

why people com to Canada in 2060 and which country coming in

Because is free country and is healthy. and Canada its safety and security and in Canada there is good jobs

canad death rate

canadas death rate in 2012 was 7 its good but it can be better in the futurer
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what does the population look like now ? (Birth Rate\ Death Rate)

Canada's population was estimated at 35,749,600 on April 1, 2015, up 46,900 from January 1, 2015. The population growth rate in Canada for the first quarter was 0.1%, which was lower than the growth observed for the same period in 2014

what does the problems facing the aboriginal population ?

Eight of the key issues that are of greatest concern for Aboriginal people in Canada are complex and- so much so that government, researchers, policy makers and Aboriginal leaders seem hamstrung by the enormity. It is hard to isolate just one issue as being the worst.

what is their population going to look in 2060

this is the pictures population of Canada in 2060