By: Shannon Lamb


Hello everyone! Today we will be going on a tour through the rain forest! Put on your rain coats! Shhhh we need to be quiet so we don't scare the animals. ''Munch munch munch'' Look there's a Capybara eating some grass, and another drinking from that water hole! Capybara usually live near a water hole because when a predator is close, they will hide in the water hole. Would you like to keep learning about Capybaras?

Appearance & Classification

The Capybara is about as big as a small house dog. Bigger than you thought huh? Capybara weigh 60 to 170 pounds. That is more than I weigh! Capybaras can grow up to about one foot tall. This animal is covered by fur. The Caybaras fluffy fur can be: brown, yellow, red and grey. These outstanding animals are able to hold there breath for five minutes! This animal is a mammal. A Capybara can live 8 to 10 years! Would you like to have a Capybara for a pet? You can in some places around the world!

Habitat Information

The Capybara lives in South America. In South America, this awesome animal will live in the rain forest habitat. A Capybara's home has closely packed plants and damp surroundings. This amazing animal loves to swim. So they normally live near a pond, river, lake or water hole. A Capybara's habitat is really cool!

Predator & Prey

A Capybara is not a very strong animal. The Capybara has many predators. Here are some: jaguar, anaconda, caiman (large bird), and the harpy eagle. This cute but fairly fast animal runs like a horse, or hides in water to escape from its predator. The Capybara will only run if the predator is a distance away. If the predator is close, it will hide in the water. A Capybara has to be aware at all times!

Fascinating facts

Here are some awesome facts about Capybara:

Capybaras are not shy.

The Capybara can whistle!

A Capybara is the largest rodent in the word!

A nick name for the Capybara is ''Water hog.''

Cool facts right?


Did you have fun learning about the Capybara? When I researched the Capybara I learned a ton! Bark bark bark! That's the Capybara saying bye!