Riley's creed

I believe that my purpose in life is to help others get through their life problems, to brighten the lives of others and let them know that somebody is there for them. I believe that our generation has not reached the age where they would know their place in this world. I believe that serving and helping others can benefit not only them but help you become a better person.
I believe that life is not just to breathe and pay bills, embrace your life and enjoy it while you still can. It is important today to make life good because in the future you might regret not having a good attitude and not enjoying your life.
I believe that hard work is essential in the world of humans, working hard on something will make you feel more accomplished about doing it yourself and putting your own time and effort into it. Working hard for those in need is a gift in this cruel world and hopefully theres still honest and hardworking people out there making the lives of others better.