St. Francis of Assisi

By: Sarah Clark, Corrine Jeffries, and Brycen Harkins

St. Francis

-St. Francis was born in the year 1181 in Assisi, Italy.

-St. Francis grew up in a wealthy family, with his father as a successful merchant Francis wanted for nothing.

-St. Francis was spoiled growing up, prior to be captured St. Francis stayed out late every night partying and drinking.

-St. Francis started changing when he was captured for war, while he waited fro his father to pay his ransom he started receiving visions from God.

-He was canonized because Francis received a vision that gave him the stigmata of Christ`s marks similar to the injuries Jesus Christ suffered when he was crucified. Francis the first person to get the holy wounds of the stigmata.

-St. Francis worked with the poor. He lived the rest of his life in poverty after he gave up his father`s money.

-He later went on to start the Franciscan Order.

-He is the patron Saint of ecology because of his love for animals.

-People benefited from Francis because he helped the poor, and was a generous person.

-In the united States people bring their pets to church, and the teachers plan nature walks.

- The most interesting thing that I learned about St. Francis that before he devoted his life to Christ he was a sinner who was kidnapped, became a prisoner of war, experienced a change of heart after he was released from his prison, left all of his families money, his family and everything he knew behind, and devoted the rest of his life to Christ at somewhere in his early twenties.

Saint Francis of Assisi


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