217 Adventures

The Best Of 217

My Greatest Accomplishment

My greatest accomplishment this quarter is Fear Fest, and wearing a tutu. In this project I have experienced a lot of very fun, but hard work. In this project Mr. Crame first told us a spooky story called the Hobyas which gave us some influence then we had to get story ideas, and once we got them we had to make a script. Then we got to rehearse and publish the story, video, etc. Then we got a field trip to a scary play; Sleepy Hollow, also for influence, and it helped me. Then the next day we did dress rehearsal and we got to wear our costume for Fear Fest, and we got to practice for tomorrow, but then the final day came IT WAS FEAR FEST!!! I was worried, oh yes I was worried, when I was up there on that desk rapping I felt so brave, cause I was out there with a fairy costume standing on a desk rapping, with some friends on my side, and I was doing all this for the crowds entertainment, but it was a success WE DID IT YAY!!!!!! I think that we couldn't pull it off, but it turned out amazing, and we also scared the pants off of you! We did the very best we could, and we hoped you loved it. After Fear Fest was awesome we got to eat popcorn, & pizza, and we also saw the movie; Nightmare Before Christmas, and it was awesome!
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My Greatest Challenge

My greatest challenge so far is Science Fair a malevolent trick that teachers have been playing on kids, and parents for YOU GET THE STORY, anyways for me Science Fair is going harder than I thought. For example this year we have to do more things for Science Fair, because last year we were in the primary grade, and younger, and in this project we have to do the hypothesis, reason, procedure, experimenting, adding in resources, doing citations, but we still get to do cool science projects!
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My Goal For The Next Quarter

For next year I would like to do the following better:

  • Listen Better
  • Pay Attention
That is what I would do to try better for this quarter.