A Thousand Splendid Suns

by Khaled Hosseini

Smore by Lauren Augello


Mariam was a young girl who grew up in Afganistan during the 60s. Growing up Mariam was just living with her mother, Nana. The father lived in a richer area, and had multiple wives. Mariam didn't get that much attention from him. He always made promises he couldn't keep. After making one of his promises Mariam decided to hike to her father's house. Nana told her if she went then she wouldn't be alive when she got back. Mariam went anyway, and when her father wasn't there; she returned home to find her mother hanging from a tree, dead. Mariam moved in with her father's wives, and they despised her, and didn't treat her right. She was forced to marry a widow, and have children with him. Rasheed, her husband, wanted her only to cook for him, and give her a son. He treated her badly and abused her.There was a girl named Laila who lived down her street. Laila eventually meets a boy, Tariq. During this time the war was really bad in their area. As Laila's parents go to leave Afganistan, a rocket hits their house killing her parents. Mariam and Rasheed take Laila in and help her recover. News hit that Tariq passed away in the war, but Laila found out she was pregnant with his baby. Laila then marries Rasheed, and they have a child. Years later, Tariq shows up to their door. When Rasheed came home from work he realized that Tariq was there, and he abuses Laila, but Mariam then kills Rasheed. Mariam then gave herself up to the Taliban. Tariq and Laila get married, and then the US attacks Afganistan. The couple moved back to Kabul, and then Laila gets pregnant and if it was a girl she would name it after Mariam.