Ned Kelly

BY Ashorina Sefo

What is a bushranger?

A bushranger is people who robbe from miners in 1800s 1900s .

Bushrangers hide in armbushers and suprise them and held thire guns and try to shoot them.

They robbe from victium and sometimes shoot them.

Bushrangers are out of law.

Ned Kelly's early life

Ned Kelly's real name was Edward Kelly. He was born in 1954 or 1955 . His parent's came from Ireland.Even when he was a little boy he stole horses. His family were criminals.

Ned Kelly's crimes

Ned Kelly learnt from the Harry Power he was a old bushranger. Ned Kelly learnt from Harry Power how to steal gold and horses. Ned Kelly was good at robbing because he earnt money from boxing . Ned Kelly made a gang with his brother and friends.They

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Ned Kelly's protection clothers