French Christmas

By: Kam and Ste


In France, Christmas is a time for family and for generosity, marked by family reunions, gifts and candy for children, gifts for the poor, Midnight Mass, and

La Réveillon.

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When is it celebrated?

The celebration of French Christmas varies depending on the region. Most provinces celebrate it on December 25th, which is a bank holiday. The northern and southern parts of France start celebrating Christmas on December 6th.

Why is it celebrated?

It is celebrated for religious purposes. In France Catholicism is the main religion, and Christmas is the day Jesus was born. So they celebrate because of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

By whom is it celebrated?

It is celebrated by the Christians in France, to be exact the Catholics. Although mostly everyone christian or not also celebrates Christmas with family with gifts and food.


  1. One of the main traditions for Christmas in France is a Nativity Scene, this is a tradition to reflect the religion in France.
  2. Another Tradition is an Advent Wreath that includes 4 candles on it. The candles represent the 4 Sundays until Christmas. One candle is lit every Sunday.
  3. The French also have the tradition of a Christmas Tree that is decorated and lit up with lights and is used as decoration around Christmas time.