FPMS AP Weekly Update

September 22, 2014

Important Dates this Week

Monday September 22nd Lunch C Squared Meetings

Monday September 22nd Festival of Bands @Bible Stadium 6:30 pm

  • Tuesday September 23rd Football vs Stiles at 5:00
  • Wednesday September 24th RTI meetings
  • Thursday September 25th Lady Falcons VB vs Stiles 5:00
  • Friday September 26th School Dance in cafeteria 6:30-9:00
  • Sunday September 28th Benefit for Pierce Broe info to come
  • Benefit for Pierce Broe


    Micro Marathon [September 28]

    Come walk, run or hop the 2.62 miles with 10 cheer stations each hosted by a Champion High School Teams. Meet the 2014-2015 CC4C Children.

    Time: 10:00am

    Venue: Hill Country Galleria Amphitheater

    Technology Tip for the Week-Twelve ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom: Creating a Global Classroom

    Classrooms can also go global with Twitter. Try one or more of these 12 ideas to tweet your way around the world (or close to home) with your students.
    1. Engage parents: Tweet relevant projects or news from your classroom and allow parents to follow back and instantly comment.
    2. Go to the Primary Source: Follow relevant experts and hashtags such as experts at NASA, favorite authors, scientists, or historians. Try to engage them in short conversations by tagging them (@theirname) with a question—you never know who might respond!
    3. Start a Movement: Create your own hashtag. Let other schools know about it, and follow as it grows.
    4. Follow Current Events: Many schools followed the #26Acts hashtag, that urged citizens to do 26 random acts of kindness after the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting that took 26 lives. Following a hashtag lets students in on the ground level of important movements.
    5. Gather Real-World Data: Post a question ("What will you do for New Years?" or "What is your weather today?") and follow the data on a map such as http://twittermap.appspot.com/.
    6. Locate Your Followers: If you ask your PLN (Personal Learning Network) for their locations, check them on Google Earth and see who is in the farthest and nearest classroom, what their terrain is, where the nearby cities are, etc. Here's an example of a 4th grade class doing geoTweeting.
    7. Poll Your Followers: Use twtpoll.com to ask opinions on Twitter. Create a poll and graph responses as they come in from your followers.
    8. Recommend Books: Write short summaries (microblogs) of books read by students in class, and keep them all in one place by tweeting them from a single account. Some classes also live tweet a book as they read it together. When finished, compile the tweets together to tell the story.
    9. Sync the Class Blog to Twitter: Widgets (an application or tool to help users) on most blog platforms help to automatically tweet updated blog posts, so parents and other followers are notified when a new post is up.
    10. Collaborate to Tell a Story: Tweet a story with another school (or group of classes) and take turns adding to the plot. Use Storify.com or Twitterfall.com to put together the coherent story at the end. Here's an example of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Tweeted by @grade1 and edited in storify.com.
    11. Update Parents: Live tweet field trips for parents or children home sick, including photos.
    12. ¿Hablas español? In a language classroom, follow tweets in the target language. Create a community of language teachers who agree to tweet once a week about recent projects or happenings in their class or town.