This Week at Remynse

The New Year Edition- Jan. 4- Jan. 8

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Welcome back everyone! I hope that all of you had a restful winter break and a wonderful holiday with your families. I can't wait to hear all about what you were able to do over the last two weeks.

I have never started our newsletter with a picture before, but I had to include this one. It made me laugh out loud when I saw it on Facebook from many of my educator friends. The truth is, how many of you were starting to feel like this as the days crept a little closer to our return? I know I was starting to feel some nerves and some sadness about having to leave my little ones to get back to the busy semester ahead of us. I also know that I have enjoyed lounging in my stretchy pants, eating tamales, and watching Netflix these last two weeks. I hope you all got a chance to do much of the same. Hopefully no one has to drag you out of your room on Monday morning to get to work. ;)

As much as I feel sadness about not getting to spend as much time with Arturo and Sofia, I also have this burst of excitement for the new year. There are so many possibilities for what is in store for us this semester. I look forward to working together with my Remynse Family to do great things for our students.

I am adding a couple of pictures of my family and what we did over the holidays. I would love to begin to feature some pictures of your families. I think it is important that we continue to get to know each other. That is how we continue to grow as a work family. I hope you will send me some pictures of who is important to you.

I chose these pictures since they made me smile. I am including a picture that Ms. Adams and I took on December 18th. This was our "We Survived the 1st Semester as 1st Year Admins" picture. This serves as a reminder to me to keep the energy and happiness we felt that afternoon throughout the year. I know we will be busy, but it is going to be a fantastic semester!

Dismissal at 3:29 pm

I know we have not discussed the new dismissal times at length. We will have some time to discuss the dismissal time on Tuesday during PD. I have reviewed the master schedule and will not be making changes to our currently existing schedule. We will be adding the time to the end of our instructional day. I will review the schedule again in a few weeks to see if we need to make any adjustments.

As we are adjusting to these additional nine minutes of instruction, I want to also adjust our dismissal procedures a bit. Although we are only adding nine minutes, they are nine important minutes that add up over time. Beginning January 6th, I am asking that all teaching continue until after 3:20 pm. After 3:20, you can begin to have students clean up and get ready to leave. Students should not be in the hallways until after 3:25. I understand it will take a couple of days to adjust to the change in time, but I know that we will do our best to teach from bell to bell. I am working to adjust the bell schedule for our new 3:29 dismissal.

We will stay with our students until 3:44 pm. After this time, we can begin to take the students inside.

Dates to Remember:

Monday, January 4th

  • Teacher Work Day (regular work hours)

Tuesday, January 5th

  • Staff Development Day in the library (8:05am-4:05 pm) An agenda for this day will follow. The 2nd portion of our PD will be reserved for grade level planning in the library. (More details to come)
  • Jeans or professional clothes on this day (we may have visitors)
  • Training for 2nd and 3rd Grade BL teachers at the PDC (all day)

Wednesday, January 6th

  • Ozuna out of the building for Principal's meeting at 10:30 am
  • MAVS assembly at 2:00 pm in the cafe
  • MOY Istation Testing Begins-Please be sure to check calendar by ICs office for your testing date
  • Start of 3:29 pm dismissal
  • Game #1 of Super Games begins

Thursday, January 7th

  • SBDM meeting in the library at 3:45 pm to have a mid-year review of CIP

Friday, January 8th

  • 4th grade out for Writing Training- De La Torre in AM/McCleery in PM
  • Wear Jeans and Super Games team color

More Dates to Remember:

  • TLI meeting on 1/11 at 3:45 pm
  • PK CPALS testing window begins
  • 1/2 Day PLC meetings for 3-6 for CBA planning from 1/11-1/15 (schedule to come)
  • PLC meeting for K-2 in Conference room on 1/12
  • PDAS evaluations begin on 1/13 (more details to come)
  • Staff PD meeting in library of 1/14
  • 1st Science Bowl Game on January 15th (more details to come)