Welcome to America!

By: Elizabeth Mays

Welcome to the United States of America

Welcome to the land of the free, located in North America. Our wonderful country was declared in 1776, but it was founded by Christopher Columbus in 1492. You are free to your rights here, but there are still some laws to follow.

Friends in school

People not to be friends with:

-Cathy Gates

-Pok Simo

People to be friends with:

-Jonathan Mckinnon


School Tips

- Don't mess with Coach Hackunbrook!

- Don't steal Cathy Gates' boyfriend.

- Watch out for Pok Simo spying on you.

- Study at lunch to get better grades.

- Don't fool around in class if you want a good education.

Popular Sports Teams

- Sundara's highschool's football team

- Yankees

- Mets

-Blue Claws

-Red Socks

Tips for socializing with other cultures

- Don't pat khmer children on the head; they believe it will suck the knowledge out of them.

- American boys cannot date khmer girls!

- Don't talk about war with people from war countries; it will turn into a big break-down.

- Respect meaningful poems about peoples' home lands.

Tips for dating

- Respect eachother's culture.

- Comfort the other when they're down.

- Don't go off and get a new girlfriend the second the the other one says no. Keep trying with her!

- Visit your boyfriend/girlfriend if they're in the hospital. Don't just send flowers!

- Be prepared to take it slow or keep your relationship a secret. The other might not be ready... or allowed, to go public yet.

Social Media

- Get a Twitter account! You have to know when Cathy gets a new pair of shoes, right?

- Set up an Instagram, so you can stare at Jonathan Mckinnon without looking creepy.

- Sign up for Snap chat. It is a funny way to talk to your friends with pictures.

- Make a Facebook, so you can share pictures of you and your friends.

Family Tips

- Don't let changing cultures affect your relationship.

- Talk your problems out.

- Always be positive for everyone else's sake.

- Always have eachother's backs

- Don't blame eachother for killing your baby.