Rumors of Wars Hits Stores 1.15.14

Thrilling new novel effortlessly combines fantasy & reality

What it's all about...

Bounty hunter Perish Blackburn has an unquenchable need to make money. The world is a dark, dangerous place in 2075, a place where only the strong and the wealthy survive. Perish is strong, but she wants to do more than just survive. And to do that, she needs money. Those without money are little better than slaves, a fate she is determined to avoid. Fortunately for her, in a world where paranormal beings are literally falling at her feet, she has a unique arsenal of skills. Her talents are quite valuable, especially for someone who isn’t squeamish about putting those abilities to use, or particular about whom she uses them for.

Things are going quite well and she’s on her way to accumulating another sizable sum of cash when she comes to the attention of the one organization that can totally derail her plans, end her life, and quite possibly the world in the process. They have need of a talent Perish has just discovered she has, and given that they’re not the kind of people you can just say no to, she has to figure out a way to say yes and live to tell about it. She’s pretty sure she can, even with the unwanted help of a werewolf with the disposition of an Old World gentleman, a housemate who can only be described as eccentric and a couple of relatives who have been dead for centuries.

R.L. Craven

Meet Perish Blackburn: bad-ass bounty hunter with the soul of a ruthless Hun

“Come now, child,” the priest said lightly. “Don’t be selfish; let me save your soul.”

“I don’t have a soul, Father. You, of all people should know that.”

“You don’t have to be pack to belong to my brother or me.”

“Don’t get stabbed,” Perish suggested in a mild tone as she gestured toward the long, wickedly sharp knife she kept tucked into the top of her knee-high boot.