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Greetings Mavericks!!!

The final week of the 2016-17 school year is here!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who made it a great year for all students and staff. It truly takes a village and we can proudly proclaim that at Highland Meadows we all work together to make good things happen.

There is still much to complete to have a successful closure this week so please check your e-mail at least twice daily to make sure you are informed. Most importantly, students can get pretty excited about summer break, so keep them engaged and well supervised at all times to ensure a safe and successful week.

Let's finish strong to the last day of school!

Upcoming Events. . . .

Monday May 29:

Memorial Day – No School

Last day to sign your contract via Oracle

Tuesday May 30:

Field Day PK – 2nd

Awards Ceremony. 3rd -10:00 am; 4th – 9:00

STAAR Results Grade 5

Mr. Peña with admin in the office

Wednesday May 31:

Field Day 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

Awards Ceremony PK – 2nd Grade



1st -10:45-11:45;

2nd - 1:30-2:30

Thursday June 1:

Last Day for Students


5th Grade Award Ceremony and Clap-Out

Report cards issued

Labels on Cums

Faculty and staff luncheon

Friday June 2:

Teachers Workday

June, July, August Birthdays

Liliana Chavira June 14

Mayra Lopez June 23

Robin Eddington June 25

Elsa Segundo July 9

Sharon Salazar July 12

Beverly Tillmon July 13

Dalia Rodriguez July 15

Phyllis Burright July 17

Kathy Brown July 18

Beatriz Gamez July 19

Juan Solis July 23

Cheryl Jackson July 25

Alexandria Lopez July 26

Monica Burns July 29

jason Ortiz August 4

Sybil Hallman August 7

Jose Andrade August 8

Alellda Erebia August 13

Karen Walkup August 16

Medely Galdamez August 24

Maria Pedraza August 21

Sarah Reynolds August 21

Board Goal 3

The achievement gap by race, ethnicity and socio-economic status will be no greater than 10 percentage points on all academic measures.

HME Key Action Goals for 2016-17

  1. Increase the level of student achievement in Math, Science, and Reading/Language Arts, and Social Studies guided by data.
  2. Improve purposeful instruction and student engagement in all subject areas through meaningful feedback and professional development.
  3. Improve the campus climate for faculty, staff, students and parents by providing a safe and supportive learning environment by June 2017.

Carrer Day at HMES

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Big image

Maverick Safety Patrol helps with the event

PK transitioned

Artwork from Pre-K transition during Art Class
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Upcoming nuptials

Mr. Davis and Ms. Quintana congratulating a very happy Ms. Ham
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June / July Observances

Flag Day June 14

Juneteenth (Emancipation Day in Texas) June 19

Independence Day July 4

Highland Meadows PTA News

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2016-17 Highland Meadows PTA Staff Hall of Fame

Jose Andrade

Shonta Armstrong

Jana Bertrand

Gail Blakeney

Monica Burns

Julian Davis

Jill Delasierra

Medely Galdamez

Kristen Hodge

Glenia Jenkins

Alyson Lancaster

Alexandria Lopez

Marta Quintana

Ana Quiroga

Fabian Sanchez

Abigail Silva

Rhenda Skinner

Juan Solis

Jan Stoutimore

Beverly Tillmon

Simon Valero

Ana Villalobos

Rebecca Webb

Margaret Williams

Join the Highland Meadows PTA Today for only $10

You too can be in the 2016-17 HME PTA Staff Hall of Fame by joining for only $10.

If we can achieve at least 75% staff membership, we will have Jean Days for the rest of the year. The PTA needs you--join today!

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement: Educating. Empowering. Evolving. Everyone.

Mission Statement: Highland Meadows Elementary School strives to be the community leader in providing lifelong learning opportunities for neighborhood families.

TEKS Resource System

The Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative, or TCMPC, is a shared service agreement that allows participating ESCs to share the TEKS Resource System.

K-2 Curriculum & Instruction - Content Departments

For a guided tour, first click on the video displayed. While these are not intended to be complete lesson plans, they are a great resource in helping you prepare your lesson plans each week.


1. LO and DOL—post them, include the TEKS number, align your instruction with LO, refer to LO so students will know what they are learning

2. MRS—use at least 2 different MRSs within a 10-15 minute instruction (whiteboard, turn and talk, small group, quick response questions—use random student selection)

3. HOTS—teacher or students ask high order questions:

  • How or why
  • Real-world connection
  • Explain, analyze, classify, compare, evaluate
  • Synthesize the content; create a product
  • Notebooking strategies; "thoughtful" note-taking (not just copying)

4. Circulate though the classroom checking student work—this is an opportunity to differentiate

5. Use a variety of strategies that address students’ needs—visual, auditory, and kinesthetic

If you have news or pics....

If you have any news or pictures that would be of interest to our campus, please e-mail them to Alex Alvarado at gealvarado@dallasisd.org . If you send photos, please identify the event or situation and the names of adults in the photo. Also, remember to send all calendar dates of field trips, assemblies, etc. to Rhenda Skinner at rskinner@dallasisd.org .