In Honor of Master Yogi Bhajan

A FREE EVENT - Special Birthday Morning Sadhana

MONDAY 26th August 3.30am-6am followed by a Kundalini Yoga Class 6.15-8am

Dear friends,

Every year in August, Kundalini Yoga teachers around the world chant and meditate in honor of Yogi Bhajan, his teachings and birthday on 26th August. I have great honor and priviledge to be doing a Special Morning Sadhana Celebration for Yogi Bhajan's Birthday here in India for the first time at the Taan Maan Yoga studio.

This special morning sadhana and celebration takes place on the birth date of the beloved teacher Yogi Bhajan who took Kundalini Yoga to the Western Hemisphere from India in 1968, and through whose subtle body teachers and students around the World are connecting to the Golden Chain of Kundalini teachers and saints a few centuries back, when they are teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga.

3:25 - 5:55 AM - Ek Ong Kar or Long Chant Meditation - 2.5 hours of powerful and blissful chanting, followed by
6:00 - 6:11 AM - Worldwide Simultaneous Guru Ram Das Meditation for healing, miracles and prosperity.

Please join me at Taan Maan Yoga for the full length of this event if you can, it is the most powerful experience! Or you can join in at any time, to be part of this beautiful connection to the Divine and to your Highest Self! Drop in between 3.30 and 6am.
Followed by a free Kundalini Yoga Class 6.15-8am.

For more info or if you have any questions please contact Anita on 8600538775.

With love, light and healing,

Anita Prem Anand

PS: Have you booked in for one of our free yoga trial classes? All you have to do is call and let us know which class you would like to join.

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Free Event Yogi Bhajan Birthday Meditation

Monday, Aug. 26th 2013 at 3:30-6:15am

Taan Maan Yoga Center Kalyani Nagar