by John Coleman and Eli Reece


Mesopotamia means " the land between the rivers" in Greek.It is the area of rich farmland called the Fertile Crescent. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers are the physical features that define the location of Mesopotamia.Mesopotamia doesn'thavde natural barriers instead they use the river to trade.


Farmer used irragation to control river flows.They got food surpluses out of which increased food amount by tons.

Written language

they used with Cuneform for there writing system,they wrote on clay tablets and stylus' to write it.They wrote in symbols.


Mesopotamia had political units called city-states.The city-states.The city-states made walled city's for protection from enemy.They had strong armies.The ruler was King. Hammurabi-the first king and the first to make 296 laws and his kingdom is made by Sargon


They made the wheel.They made a plow for farming.Catalog of animals,pets and minerals helped understand the world around them.them. Ziggurants are pyramid shaped temple to wars.Machines were made core deieases.


The religion in Mesopotamia was polytheistic, meaning they worshiped many gods . Such as the storm god Adad
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this is a ziggurat