Marine Biologist


What Is A Marine Biologist?

A Marine Biologist is not just someone who studded's dolphin, a Marine Biologist is someone who studded's marine life and different organism and they also track how some marine mammals react to different things/problems.

Marine Biologist Pay/Annual Vacation

A Marine Biologist gets a gross monthly pay of $5,200,00 and taxes take $1,467,63, then you get to take home $3,732,63. Marine biologist's get a annual vacation of 3 weeks.

What Education You Need!

You will need a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and you need to study biology, plant physiology, zoology and oceanography.
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Transferable Skils

Life sciences, excellent communication and organizational skills and you know how to scuba dive you know how to operate a boat and read a navigational chart. You are in excellent physical shape and you love nature.

Marine Biologist's Schools