Sparta VS. Athens


What is Sparta?

Sparta is one of the best known ancient Greece city-states.

Sparta's government was an oligarchy. This means few people ran the government. Sparta was ruled by an assembly and 2 kings. The assembly was made of men over the age of 60.

Spartan Army!

In the 5th century, Sparta became very powerful.

They were training 7 year olds until they were 20, so they could join the actual army.

The men could never leave the army, for until they were 60 they had to train and fight in battles. Once the men reached 60 years of age, they were allowed to retire. But they still had to train for emergencies.

Belief Systems!

The Spartans and many other early Greek civilizations believed in the mythical gods. The god's were made to sound human, they could be evil or honest, cruel or kind.They fell in love, argued, and sometimes even stole from eachother.

Zeus was the ruler of the land and the heavens, he was the ruler of all other god's and godesses. The gods were said to live on the top of Mt. Olympus, a mountain in northern Greece.

Daily Life!

Men were always away from home, training for battle or in battle. While women stayed home and lead a private life. Many people who lost money and came into debt became slaves. Slaves would have to do anything their master/owner told/asked them to do.

Did You Know?!

When a child is born the family is given a plot of land from the city, to help raise the child!