Tiger Trouble

By:Blake,Rohan,Nikhita,and Nalini 5D

Abiotic and biotic features of the Bengal tiger

Biotic factors: The prey it eats and the grass and tall trees that are scattered around its habitat.

Abiotic factors: The rocks around its habitat, the water it drinks, the air it breathes, and the sunlight high above its natural habitat.

Bengal tigers rule!


Predicting changes in the Bengal tigers ecosystem

If the Bengal tigers population were to go extinct then it would make other animals go over the desired population if they were over populated then there would be to many other animals of different species.For instants there would be to many bears and bunnies and it would also effect its ecosystem.

Why you should not hunt the tigers

We think that you should not hunt the Bengal tiger because the Bengal tiger has a very low population and if you were to hunt it its population could go extinct.And other animal populations could grow to big without it.And if people were to hunt it that would be wrong because we don't think that the Bengal tiger should be hunted at all because there could be to many bears and bunnies so it would very well unbalance its ecosystem.

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