Internet Safety

All you need to know

Design Brief

The first assessment task for year 9 ICT students will be to create an online flyer that explains ethical, Environmental and quality considerations related to internet safety. The information that is being proposed in the flyer must be informative and accurate. The flyer should include advice for year 7 and 8 students relating to Internet Safety. The flyer must be creative and look ethically pleasing. The information must include what internet safety is, how it affects the individual and how can it can be prevented from happening. This flyer will be presented to the class in weeks 10 and 11.
Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online

Key points from video

1) Never post personal information online. (address, phone number etc.)

2) Everything that you post on the internet can be tracked and will be there for a very very very long time.

3) Dont answer phone calls or texts from strangers.

4) If your account does become hacked, change the password straight away.

5) Check your sent box and let any affected people know that you were spammed. Especially if you have sent a link to your contacts.