Testing 15-16 (Bell Elementary)

Rock the TEST!

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It's here!


We have reached that time! It's Here! I know there is natural anxiety from the high stakes of testing, however I am ever so confident that our students will increase in achievement because of the hard work that you are doing in the classroom. The Lexile growth, the RIT band growth, SRI and SMI growth and the check-in’s, common formative assessments, quizzes and the like will all prove great results!

I know the results will yield, “awesome.” As we approach Monday, April 11, the first day of testing, please remember that it will require an exceptional amount of patience and flexibility. Students and staff are both anxious and want to have a smooth testing administration. If you are not a testing grade, be sure to cheer your colleagues and previous students on to success. To that end, please be reminded of the following:

  • Walls must be covered (both Fraser and Blakney will complete walk through visits to document)—refer to email from Ms. Fraser on 4/7/2016

  • Testing administration or proctoring must be complete (if you were absent or if you did not sign the sheet it is a must)—refer to email from Mr. Jones (BTC) for training

State Test administration can be very stressful, however it can also be very rewarding. We have a great plan in place to execute smoothly but I can’t emphasize enough the need and expectation to follow the testing administration manual exactly. If you have a question that you need answers to regarding testing, please ask. It is better to ask, than to act and have students test(s) invalidated or credentials scrutinized. Attached below are the master ‘testing’ schedule for the week of April 11-15 and the at a glance testing administration for 2015-2016, you will receive the schedule for the following week in the Smores for next week.

Let’s Rock the Test!

At a Glance Testing Schedule for Full Test Administration 2015-2016

Testing Schedule for Week of April 11-15

Testing Miss Malarkey