Get some All Stars because you are an All Star

Converse Last Through the Ages

Converse are the oldest, most popular and all time best selling basketball shoe of all time. In 1908 the Converse Rubber Corporation opened for business, and in 1917 the All Star basketball shoe was produced. The All Star basketball shoe was the first mass produced basketball shoe in North America. It had a very thick rubber sole, and an ankle covering was canvas or leather. Sales where slow to begin with, but when Charles 'Chuck' H. Taylor, a basketball player for the Akron Firestone, helped to rapidly increase sales after he saw its potential and joined the Converse sales force. The Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star, once the premiere shoe of elite basketball players now became the shoe of the counter-culture and of baby boomers who refused to stop wearing their favorite pairs of chucks. The shoes became very popular with rock musicians, and younger generations wore them for their distinctive looks, colors, and comfort and as an alternative to the high priced high performance shoes made by Nike and other companies. They were considered a leisure shoe and now were purchased because they were fashionable. Converse responded by manufacturing chucks in hundreds of different variations that included prints, patterns, unusual colors, and special models for different age groups. Converse have supplied people with a long lasting shoe for almost 100 years and continue to allow people to express themselves with the different variations of shoes everyday.

Some Controversy on Converse

Converse vs. Knock offs

Converse supply people with a reliable shoe, but for a price, like all shoe companies. But for some the price is a little to high. Converse are priced at $50 and with that money you could easily get a knock off brand, but the knock offs are not as well made and will need replacing much sooner than the name brand.

Why settle for less?

Get the Best for your Buck, Buy some Chucks

Chucks may be a little more expensive, but if you have the money for it, it is worth buying the name brand. It is kinda like comparing a steak to Ramen noodles, Steak is obviously better if you have the money for it, but if not the Ramen noodles are what you settle for.

People Make the Difference

It's All About You

Where would Converse be without its customers? No where, Converse depends on the people. When the population increases sales increase and that allows Converse to see what the public likes about their product. If the public likes the original style or the new pattern that catches others their eye.

Sometimes Things Change

Change Doesn't Have to be Bad

Sometimes a change in Converse is to benefit the customer. Recently news of Converse's price change for the new year got into the media, and because of that people have waited to buy the shoes they love until the new year. Converse's price change was going to be a surprise to the customers to show how Converse respects and appreciates the public's choice of buying shoes from them for almost 100 years.