Aquarium set-up

What is needed to set up the aquariem

Steps needed to set up an aquarium

1. Put the stand and tank where you would like it in your home. Make sure the tank in level. Not in direct sun light

2. Set up the filter

3. Rinse the gravel and decorations in cool running water and put it in tank.

4. Place heater and air pumps in tank

5. Add water

6. Put treatment in the water

7. Turn on heater and pumps

8. Wait a day or two to stabilize the temperature.

9. Put fish in

What is needed for aquarium.

  • Some thing that you would need is plants, gravel, lights and filters


  • can play an impotant role in the aquarium by removeing things that is harmful to your fish like carbon dioxide and ammonia. They also surve as a hiding places for small and shy fish
  • the plants can be real or plastic


  • Gravel keeps the plant in the tank from floating and it look nice.
  • Not all aquriums use gravel and depending on the gravel that you use will determon the fish that will go in the tankl

Lighting and Filters

  • Lighting
    one to two watts per gallon is good depending on what you put in the aquarium.
  • Filters
  • when it comes to choseing filters it depents on the aqurium and what is in it