AHS Volleyball News

The season is officially over...

This past season...

I believe was quite successful. The majority of the goals I wanted to accomplish were reached, and we also reached the majority of the goals for our players. I hope that you all enjoyed the season as much as I did and I hope to see many of you back again for next season's tryouts...except for the seniors. They are moving on to bigger and better things. Good luck to each and every one of you! One young lady has earned herself a very fancy scholarship, and another young lady is in the process of solidifying some things to play at the collegiate level! I'll have to ask the other two what they're up to and I'll make another announcement closer to Christmas.

Hey parents...not sure if you hear this enough but...

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I have to say we do have a really GREAT group of parents. They are very supportive and involved and creative and helpful and awesome. Which makes sense given the awesome young people we all got to work with this season. They have great suggestions, and even though I didn't get to do everything I wanted this year, such as the New Parent Social, such things are on my radar for next year. Coach White, Coach Loftus and I do appreciate everything you do for the program and the girls. The time and energy you invest is much appreciated by everyone many times over and I can't thank you enough for everything. Thanks for helping to make our seasons and programs successful.

Going forward...

Craft Fair Volunteers

The Craft Fair is this Friday at school. We need 8 more people to sign up for the second shift from 5p - 8p. The RSVP form is below. The first shift is pretty well stocked, so no more volunteers needed there.

Craft Fair

Friday, Dec. 11th, 5-8pm

AHS Commons

Should be light work. Helping vendors find their booths and helping them unload some things for their event the next day. More involved than giving directions to the bathroom, less involved than cleaning the entire house.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Club Ball

I love club season. It's pretty cool. If you're playing club ball and you want me to come out and watch and support you, let me know. It's fun to sit and watch you guys play as a spectator rather than a coach. Just send me your schedule and I'll see what I can arrange between my own club schedule, tutoring and my regular J.O.B.

Future Announcements

Announcements and will be sent out I come across information that could benefit the good of the group. Many of the upcoming ones will deal with the fundraiser some of the girls have come up with about a volleyball tournament of the glow-in-the-dark variety. Fancy huh? More information to follow.

Contact Me

You can still keep in touch with me through the same methods as before. Email is normally fastest. You can also follow me on Instagram @the_branderson, however most of my announcements will be math related now that the season is over. Let me know if you have any questions.