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Overall Job Discription

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in treating patients with improper teeth when the mouth is closed. They also shape and develop the jaw.

Job Responsabilities

Orthodontists are responsible for locating problems with the positioning of patients' teeth so they can reposition the patients teeth to a more appealing position.

Working Conditions

Orthodontists work in well lighted offices or clinics. The average Orthodontist works about 30-40 hours a week. Working conditions are generally pleasant with no expectation of being on call or working at night.

Current Salary

Orthodontists working in offices of dentists have a median wage of $196,170 per year, offices of other health practitioners have an income of $192,600 per year, outpatient care centers earn $203,000 per year, offices of physicians, which ensure a wage of $232,360.

Education Needed

Toe be an Orthadontist you need an undergraduate degree, Doctor of Dental Science degree, four years of study at an accredited dental school, and an office or clinic to work at.

Job Lookout

Orthodontists is expected to go up, with an expected 3,640 new jobs filled by 2018. This represents an annual increase of 8.18 percent over the next few years.