The Korean War

Nathan Hatchett and Jon Smith

Causes of the War

Russia made the communist North Koreans invade the Democratic South Korea. The US didn't want communism spreading or our allies being bullied, so we stepped in.

Effects of the War

The US government spent more than 50 BILLION dollars. The TV show M*A*S*H was created.

Human Toll

For the US 33,000 men died, plus 110,000 were injured.

Battle of Chosin Reservoir

20,000 UN troops vs. 200,000 Chinese and Korean troops. Fighting in the mountains during November meant the temps got as low as -35 degrees. The battle lasted about 17 days. When a man was killed or injured it could take up to 4 hours to carry him back to an ambulance. It was the longest battle of the war and also a major turning point. The influence of the Chinese military stopped the progression of UN forces leading to the eventual stalemate.

General Douglas MacArthur

He was the leader of the UN army.