Animal Abuse

By: Hailie Lopez

Animal Abuse- Who is affected?

Animal Abuse is a big problem in the United states and around the world. In 2007, 1,800 cruelty cases reported in the media; 64.5% involved dogs, 18% involved cats, and 25% involved other animals. Those were just the ones reported. Over 65 billion animals are used, abused, and killed for food, scientific/medical testing, military experimentation, entertainment, clothing, and breeding - as in puppy mills.

Why should there be a Memorial?

Animal Abuse should have a Memorial created because animals can't tell you that they are hurting, they can't tell the world that they are beaten without an escape, so a Memorial should be created to speak for the abused animals.

Where will the memorial be placed?

The memorial should be placed where everyone can see it. Where people will see it and want to stop animal abuse. Such as city halls, parks, or any public place.


My goal with this memorial is to spread awareness, not everyone knows that animals are abused everyday. I want to also eventually stop Animal abuse for good.

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