Coldspring Lab Safety

By Joshua Curry

Lab Safety

Lab safety is very important because you don't follow them, be hurt or kill.
Here are 5 very important rules.

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Rule #1 "Wear eye protection all time during activities"

Wear goggles because if something get your eye i can cause you to be blind.

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Rules # 2 "Do not eat or drink in the lab"

If you eat the lab, you might end up eat or drinking a poisonous chemical.

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Rule #3 "If you have a accident tell the teacher"

If try to cover up an accident, mess up more.

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Rule #4 " Know the location of your fire extinguisher, fire blanket, eye wash, safety shower, and first aid kit

Because if something happen, you will know were any of these items.

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Rule# 5 "Horseplay or play around in the lab"

Because if you horseplay you break something or hurt yourself.

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