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April 29, 2016

End of the Year

May is almost here, and that means the end of the year is approaching! I like to gradually send school supplies home throughout the month of May and June. That way the kiddos don't have to carry a very heavy backpack home on the last day of school. Don't be surprised to see stuff coming home around mid-May. As we finish our last social studies and science units, we will send notebooks and folders home. We will also be cleaning out the lockers, as they have collected a lot of stuff during this school year!


This week started off with a lesson on liquid volume. We learned about the main metric units of volume, milliliters and liters. We had fun exploring what each measurement looked like and looking around the room for objects that had its liquid volume written on it. We also played with different sized containers and figured out how many milliliters fit into them. Some of the containers had the amount of milliliters of liquid it could hold, and we were very surprised with some of the smaller containers that could hold a lot more liquid than we thought! We also discussed customary units of liquid volume and made gallon men diagrams to remind us how to convert from cups to pints or gallons to quarts.

We talked about mass this week as well. We discussed grams and kilograms, as well as ounces, pounds, and tons. We practiced with converting from one unit to another. The kids were very surprised to see how small the weight of one gram is.

Lastly, we finished off our unit with a lesson on time. This is often times a tricky subject for students. We worked on elapsed time and how to group and ungroup from hours to minutes when subtracting times. The word problems we worked on were the trickiest part, but we were able to successfully get through them!

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Social Studies

We spent the week recapping what we have learned this unit in social studies. We started and finished a writing assignment that will be in the binders today when they bring them home. We wrote about the importance of the lead rush in Wisconsin. This was a huge event in our history and one of the reasons why our population was large enough to qualify to become a state! It was just as important to Wisconsin as the gold rush was to California. You will be able to read three reasons why your child felt the lead rush was important in their writing pieces.

We also wrote about why Wisconsin is called the "Badger State". We learned that the reason has everything to do with the lead rush and nothing to do with Wisconsin having a large badger population. Your child wrote about the lead miners having no time to build homes, so they slept in caves or "dugouts" that resembled what a badger does to make a home.

Language Arts From Ms. Wandschneider

Reading: We are getting near the end of our historical fiction book clubs. Some groups will be finishing their book this coming week, and will begin writing a 2-4 minute newscast. Once the newscast is written and practiced, the group will perform it in front of a “green screen” where they will be videotaped. The next step will be to work with Mrs. Setter on adding background to the green screen using computers. I can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

Writing: The children have been working hard on their literary essay this week. Most are proofreading and editing today and and the rest will next week. We are working on expanding our sentences and paragraphs so that they will reflect what we read in the children’s book. And then it is onto adding “million” dollar words!