Fight 4 the Fossa

By: Madeline Roeder and Mateo Angel

Fossa Facts

The fossa is a cat-like carnivore. Also Madagascar's top predator. They mainly eat lemurs, but will eat other small animals they come upon. The fossa is what we would call a laid back carnivore, because if they have to they will eat little herbs of fruit.

The Fossa's bodybuild

The fossa's body is very maneuverable, which is good for climbing trees and hunting. fossa's are excellent climbers and their flexible body helps them with that. Their body is very useful for Madagascar's terrain because it requires a lot of climbing.
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Fossa's Habitat

The fossa lives in Madagascar's tropical rain forests at elevations of 3,000 meters maximum. They live and hunt in groups of 10-20. The terrain has dramatic elevations with little rocky formations. The island has valleys and mountains all bunched up in groups miles long.

Why is the Fossa endangered?

Why is the fossa endangered you ask? They are endangered because we (humans) have been killing them. People are the reason because they haven't been locking up their animals and the fossa eats their animals (think of it like fast or free food). Since the people don't enjoy our livestock being killed so we kill the fossa. They are also endangered because over 90% of their rain forest is being destroyed.

Fossa Photos

How endangered are the Fossas?

There are less than 2,000 fossas left free in the wild. If you looked at the endangered species list they would be in the vulnerable section.

Why should the Fossa exist?

The fossa should exist because the food chain in Madagascar would be all messed up. The lemurs will overrun the island and without Madagascar's main predator the Madagascar food chain will be knocked out of balance. The lemurs will eat all the resources and will be overpopulating the island. The lemur population will even out eventually but not after a while.

Why We Should Save Them

We should save the fossa because the fossa is the main predator in Madagascar and they're so innocent. We could be the reason they're endangered but we could also be the reason they're saved. Be a saver not a killer.